Software (or lack of it)

Currently Listening To: Goku’s Spirit Bomb,  composed by Bruce Faulconer

So as I’ve been working on outlining my second draft of my story, I realize that I’ve been itching to write. So I’ve decided to go with that instinct and just write out the story. Who knows? Perhaps more ideas will pop into my head as I write them.

On the other hand, I’ve been looking at what I should use to write. My choices are: OpenOffice, Microsoft Notepad, or yWriter5. What I like about yWriter5 is the amazing amount of tools I have at my disposal to help me organize. Characters, setting, scenes, etc. can all be organized and viewed easily. The issue for me is that when I’m writing…I rarely use those tools. So I feel yWriter has been more of a helpful planning tool, rather than a writing tool. Experiences might differ with other people.

Notepad is the simplest of tools – you just write! Perhaps a little too simple…therefore I think I might stick with OpenOffice. It’s easy to get started writing, and I can format the pages to my fitting.

Since I use two screens, I can utilize the use of perhaps yWriter and OpenOffice? We shall see.

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