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Practice makes Perfect…or so they say.

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So as I said yesterday, I’d be practicing my writing. How? Using a book one of my teachers made us use back in college:

The 3 A.M. Epiphany 

It’s a nifty little book filled with exercises for writers to do. A lot of them are interesting, some of them are challenging.

It’ll give me practice in writing and getting my mechanics down. Who know? It might lead to a chapter in my story!


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This is a bit of a technical post, so bear with me.

I was getting tired of using my current operating system, so I cleaned up the computer a bit and installed a new one – a free one!

It’s called Ubuntu. I’ve used it before back in college and decided it’s time to bring it back.

I mainly plan to use this set up for writing. I’ve lost the dual screen capabilities, but now I have essentially four different desktops on one screen. One can have OpenOffice open. Another one can have my character list open. Another one can have a web browser open. The final one can have anything it wants.

Oh, and I’ve written my first chapter! (for the second draft that is.) It actually felt very…energizing to actually write as oppose to just outline.