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A blog I would recommend.

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Ray Wong, author of The Pacific Between,┬áhas a lot of great tips I’ve found helpful as I have been writing.

Give it a read.

Deus Ex Machina (as seen on TV Tropes)

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One thing I have learned through writing is to avoid too many coincidences.

Nothing wrong with the main character getting a bit of good luck here and there (after all, as the writer, you should be making that protagonist go through obstacle after obstacle. Doesn’t hurt to be a little merciful once in a while.)

But relying on it too much is a problem. It then becomes an eye-roller. The readers will be screaming “Oh come on! what an ass pull!”

Why read about a lucky character? Everything goes his or her way when it’s most convenient for them. Not a problem in their lives.

I envy those characters…

Anyway, the reason I am concerned is because in earlier stories, I’ve relied on the hero getting a needed power boost or a powerful weapon right when a stronger enemy is introduced.

In video games this works – you have to win!

In fiction, it’s just too damn convenient. Where’s the struggle? The conflict?

So eventually, I’ve made my characters work to get stronger. Need that special weapon? Go on a very dangerous quest. Even with the special weapon, the fight shouldn’t be a one-sided beat down. Usually I make it so that the protagonist is on an even footing with the antagonist.

Oh, by the way, here’s the trope I referred to in my title:

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Slow and Steady.

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So this weekend I managed to write a little bit. A whole chapter and bits of others.

It was less than I expected, but at least I wrote. I am now trying to do a chapter a day…starting Thursday because I have a lot to do in the next 48 hours.

So in terms of progress…

The deal is that about 50% of the story is ironed out. I won’t have to do too much revision there.

The other half is lots of revision. It is not as easy as I would like it to be, but then again, whoever said revision was easy?

A lot of my revision deals with some plot changes and pacing of the story. I focus on some parts more than the other drafts in order to flesh out the important characters.

Hope all the readers had a fantastic 4th of July!