Dine and Write

Day 11

Song that helped me out: Shackler’s Revenge, by Guns N’ Roses

Word Count: 29068

Since I had the day off, I did a decent amount of writing while enjoying some good food on 11/11/11.

Fish and Chips for lunch.

Thai Food for dinner.

As I was writing, I realized that my main antagonist isn’t as static of a character as I thought. This wasn’t even planned out. I just wrote and as my villain acted…he changed. No he didn’t become a goody-two shoes or anything, but he changes. That makes me happy. I still have static characters in the story, but to have my antagonist not be one of them…makes me interested in him so much more!

Maybe the next few hours may be fun. For now, I’m going to bed…zzzzz

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