Step back

Day 14

Song That Helped Me Out: Bleed American, by Jimmy Eat World

Word Count: 50083

Sometimes need to take a break from everything, even the things you love.

I like my job, I really do. But having a three day weekend here and there makes all the difference for my sanity.

Same thing with writing. I feel that to achieve your best writing, you need to take a day off from it. Give your creativity a chance to fuel up. Go on a walk when the weather is nice. Enjoy a nice dinner. Dance to something fun! (I’ve done all of these by the way).

I know, you might say “well you stop now, you might just not want to continuing writing!”. Well if you are truly the displinced writer you claim you are, then a day’s break isn’t going to turn into a bad habit.

I know there’s always deadlines to worry about, but even a short break can save you from writer’s insanity…though many consider us to be insane to begin with 😀

Just my thoughts. Everyone writes differently.



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