The end is near.

Day 28

Currently Listening To: The Tunnel, by Metroid Metal

Word Count: 53189

I hope all the readers had a fantastic Thanksgiving. I sure did!

Didn’t get any writing done though. I seem to be drifting off into the mindset of…world-building.

As I’ve said somewhere on this blog, one of the problems I am running into with this draft/NaNoWriMo is a lack of setting. Now you might argue about the importance of setting, but in a sci-fi novel where you control the rules – your readers will need a little guidance.

I know we aren’t suppose to be following our inner editor, but I’m finding it more and more difficult to write without a solid setting in place. The surroundings I think of on the fly change with every scene! It’s like my characters are warping all over the place.

I’ll try to squeeze a few thousand more words, but I can’t guarantee that.

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