Monthly Archives: February 2012

A Writer’s Desk

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As promised, here are some pics of my new den.

Dual screen setup

Double the productivity?

Gadgets and Potions

Note the Sonic Screwdriver.



The Longshot

In case of zombies.

I type from an iPhone

I’m on the train and I’m writing a blog post!

Since I took a long break from Perverse Selection, I’m able to look at the current draft with a fresh set of eyes. Some parts of the plot need some reworking.

One idea I am considering is reworking the characters. The core set of main characters is fine, but other characters I feel were there as placeholders from NaNoWriMo. They don’t grow as the story progresses and they are most prevalent in the weaker parts of the plot. I have to decide if it is worth removing them without changing the main characters too much…

Back and Ready To Rumble

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I moved into my new place a few weeks back. Been working hard to set up my desk, etc.

I also wrote a poem for a poetry contest. Let’s see how I do!

Pictures to come!