Love my friends, and my new book!

Currently Listening To: Testify, by Rage Against The Machine

So one of my good friends had recommended a book to me a while back. She really loved it and I said I would look into it.

Months past and I end up forgetting about it. Not a good friend am I?

Yesterday at work, there was a pile of books and a note on top:


I’m a curious guy, I go through the small pile. Nothing strikes my eye until I get to the biggest book. I see the title and suddenly I think of my friend (let’s call her Chels).

During my lunch break I begin texting her, asking about the book she had recommended.

Chels: Hmm I can’t remember but if I had to guess I’d say Pillars of the Earth by Ken Follett. It’s like my fav book ever and it seems like something I’d recommended to you lol

Me: Hahaha. Well at work there was a pile of books titled “Free Books”. I found this:

I then sent her a pic of the book and yup – it’s Pillars of the Earth!

Excited to read it, I began reading it on my ride home from work. My eyes were glued to the book. I took the motion sickness like a man and kept reading.

Today I’m about 25% done with the 900+ page story. Instead of going home, where I could have been distracted with dishes, laundry, video games, etc, I just went to a local Chinese place, ordered a big bowl of soup and kept on reading.

There are many characters in the story with their own adventures and the author does an amazing job bringing them together at various points of the story.  I never feel like I am reading something pointless, because I know at some point it will be connected to another character’s story.

To pay back the favor, I told Chels about a book I really liked and would recommend to her: The Glass Castle, by Jeannette Walls.

What would I ever do without my friends?

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