A Short Story By Yours Truly

Based on a very recent and true story.

My headphones shielded me from mindless banter as I sat on the bus heading towards the Metro station. The sky was still dark as even the sun was still waking up. My cracked phone kept me linked to everyone and everything.

I got to the bus and went to the train terminal. In seconds the train sped by, halting to a stop before opening its door for a short period of time. I squeezed inside the train with everyone else and claimed a corner for myself.

As I watched the trees and the cars that were stuck in traffic, I kept having that feeling that I forgot something.

I began crossing off a mental checklist.

Keys? Check.
Wallet? Check.
Lucky Underwear? Check.
Phone? Chec-wait a minute!

I inspected all my pockets and my backpack. My heart was beating faster than the tempo of the song I was listening to. My worst nightmare was happening: my phone was left on a bus during rush hour!

I got off at the next stop and waited for a train to come that was going in the opposite direction. I kept cursing at the screen showing the arrival time of the train to update. Time wasn’t on my side.

The train came at last and I took it back to the station where I boarded the first train. I ran up the steps and went looking for someone, anyone who could help me. Fortunately someone was wearing a jacket that literally said How can I help you?.

I located the man and explained my story. He understood my concern and directed me to a bus driver who was off duty. I visited him and knocked on the bus. He got off his chair and opened the door. I jumped in and told my story as my heart kept on racing.

He pulled out his radio and made calls to the buses with the same route as mine, inquiring about a lost phone.

“Negative. No lost phone here”.
“Sorry, no phone here”.

My heart sank. Someone must have taken it with them, when they found it. I stood as the bus driver thought what to do. It was an awkward silence.

Then a call came on the radio.

“I have a phone here. I repeat I have a phone”.

My face lit up. The driver asked my savior where he was and then told me what stop to meet him.

I took the next bus to the specific location. My mind wasn’t at ease.

What if he found the wrong phone? What if someone broke it beyond repair?
Even if it was my phone, what if a stranger could get into it?
What if my parents called me and a stranger called them back for malicious purposes?
What if my crush texted me and the stranger took her away from me??

All the worrying made for a good time sink. I got off the bus and found the supervisor. I told him about the phone and he took it out. It was mine! Same brand, case and cracked screen!

Before he gave it me, he verified it was my phone by calling it. I gave him my number and the phone thankfully began to ringing.

I wanted to dance to that tune.

Written from my phone.

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