Side Projects

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While Perverse Selection is the biggest project on my plate, I can’t help but branch off every now and then to write short stories or flash fiction pieces.

It gives me a break from the world and characters I’ve created to go exploring other worlds. I get ideas for other stories, but I don’t want to forget them. Why not draft a story really fast?

Obviously, if a deadline is approaching then I would put Perverse Selection above all else. Yet there are days where I’m itching to create another world, or give a character a test run.

What about you all? Do you avoid the urge to work on another story? or do you take a break now and then?


One response to “Side Projects

  1. I try not to work on another story. I am perfectionist, and anal, and all that other stuff that is very negative. I find blogging helps curb the urge to write many different things

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