What Happens When You Have No Internet

Currently Listening To: Panic Switch, by Silversun Pickups.

Don’t worry, I’m not panicking…yet.

On Wednesday, I was going to make a post on here. However, my housemate notified me that our internet and TV had been cut…literally! Turns out landscapers accidentally cut right through the fiber optic cables.

So with nothing to do, we went out for burgers. What did I order?

A 1lb turkey burger.

1lb of sheer deliciousness. I regret nothing!

That’s 1lb (after cooking) turkey burger with pepper jack, sauteed onions, bacon and a fried egg. How did I feel afterwards? Let’s just say I had nothing but salad the next day.

It’s funny what you find time to do when the Internet isn’t around to distract you.

Took time to get some writing done. I caught up with an old friend. Enjoyed some delicious food.

How am I posting this you ask? I’m down at my favorite writing spot again and decided to swing by a Starbucks and keep my readers up to date.

One response to “What Happens When You Have No Internet

  1. Before I read your post I saw that mighty burger…
    I’m so huungry.

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