So much for a good start

Currently Listening To: Nightmare, by Avenged Sevenfold

I was going to start writing yesterday.

Too bad my wallet went missing. As in it was nowhere to be found in my house.

The day before yesterday, I knew I had it before the bus ride home.

I made a call to the lost and found for the buses and waited for a call back. None came.

At that point, I told my managers I had to work from home. No way I could get around without any ID. I was beginning to yell at every little thing wrong.

Eventually I calmed down and focused on what to do.

I called the banks to cancel my debit and credit cards. I then called other credit card companies I have cards with and canceled those.

I worked for a few hours then got a ride to the DMV to get a new license. Then I went to my bank to get a debit card so I could have access to my funds.

I then filed a police report…well more like a cop came to my house and took my information.

Finally, I notified the big 3 credit bureaus and they placed a fraud alert. This way, if some punk tries to take out a loan in my name, they’ll have to produce some legit ID (and they’ll call me to verify I am actually applying for credit).

Most stressful day I’ve had in a while (it doesn’t help I panic easily). Fortunately the initial shock has worn off and everyone I called was very, very helpful.

I still have some things left to do, but the major items I took care of. It’s important to minimize damage done!

Hopefully I can get to writing! Also, make sure to do all the things I listed in case you ever have to go through this ordeal!

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