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This post is part of Absolute Write’s May 2012 Blog Chain. This month’s theme? Zompocalypse Now!

I whipped up a quick little piece. Take a read!

Winner Takes All

Zacky placed the remote charges on the stone door and hid behind the thickest pillar he could find. He detonated the explosives, gripping his rifle as tightly as he could. The ground shook and smoke filled the air. The solid barrier was nothing more than a maw after the explosion. Dark pill bugs and other crawlers were the only witnesses to Zacky’s vandalism.

“It’s about time,” he said. He looked over his shoulder, wishing his comrades were alive to see this.

Zacky turned on the rifle’s flashlight and stepped inside the hole. The chamber was much cooler than the entire temple, to the point where Zacky was shivering. He traversed cautiously in the dark room. There wasn’t a single trap set out for him. In fact there wasn’t anything in the room.

“Where is the elixir? This is the final room,” Zacky said. He waved the flashlight towards the ceiling, hoping the prize was on top. There wasn’t anything there either, not even a crack or a critter.

“All that…for nothing?” he said. He snarled and fired his rifle around the room, ruining the pristine condition of the room.

Zacky finished his venting and walked out of the room. With nothing left he began retracing his steps out of the temple.

He heard a distant splash. He took a deep breath and reloaded his rifle. He approached the other end of the room and peered out the entrance. Down the hallway were four humans walking towards him. He recognized them and nearly dropped his weapon.

Matt, Gerald, Boris and Chelsea? How are they alive? he thought.

Zacky looked back at the chamber he desecrated earlier.

“Perhaps…the elixir was released when I opened the chamber?” he said out loud.

He then began walking down the hallway, increasing his speed as the figures became more clear.

“Guys! I found the prize! It seems it was-”

He stopped and froze as the figures approached the flaming torches. The figures stopped walking as well.

Their skin was a dark purple and their flesh was rotting off. The irises of their eyes were gray and void of life. Instead of their voices, Zacky heard bloodthirsty growls.

Before he could react, his former friends grabbed his arms and placed him on the ground. The female zombie licked her teeth as she picked a spot to bite.

“No don’t! Someone help me!” Zacky yelled.

Just before the zombie could bite him, he broke free and kicked the zombie away. He grabbed his weapon and ran down the hallway. He shot at the zombies, hoping to slow them down.

They were heavily wounded. Did this virus heal them too? Zacky thought as he entered another room. The traps had been deactivated or already sprung so he was able to escape quickly.

Soon he entered a room with a deep pool. Walking across a thin bridge suspended a few inches above the water was the only way to the next room. Zacky held onto his rifle and slowly walked across the pool. He remembered there were vicious fish in the waters. Hopefully they got to the victims in the water before the virus did.

Just as he crossed the halfway point, he heard bubbling. He spun around and fired into the water. Nothing floated up. Zacky shook his head and continued walking.

Something suddenly grabbed his foot and he fell to the ground. He managed to stay on the bridge but his rifle fell into the water. He turned his head and saw a purple, decaying hand grabbing his boot. Zacky repeatedly kicked the hand off using his free leg. Soon the hand fell back into the water. Zacky got up and stared into the water. He couldn’t make out the figure.

He reached the sun chamber, where rays of light shined from the ceiling into the room. He decided to take a moment to catch his breath.

“Is anyone here? I need help! Please!” he said. He was panting as he looked all around the room, hoping to see someone crawl out of a corner. He was alone.

A familiar growl caused him to whip out his pistol and point it at the monster behind him. It was the female zombie.

“Chels…” he said, slowly moving back. The zombie kept lurching forward, hungry for Zacky’s blood.

He held back tears as he pointed the pistol at her head. The zombie wasn’t intimidated. It knew nothing other than hunger.

“Please Chelsea. It’s me, your little Zacky,” he said, looking at her, then at the engagement ring on her rotten finger. His face was soaked with sweat. Zacky’s eyes widened when he realized he was cornered. The zombie had a slight grin on her face.

Zacky closed his eyes and fired his pistol. A perfect shot to the forehead. The blood-thirsty creature fell to the ground. Black blood poured out of the wound. The smell made Zacky somewhat nauseous. He didn’t hold back, as the thought of killing his fiancee was more than enough to make him vomit.

Once he was able to stand on his feet again, he continued running out of the temple. The sun chamber was right near the entrance.

Zacky could smell fresh air. He ran outside, where a spaceship was sitting. A rival group had landed first. Without waiting, he ran inside. He found the control room easily. He sat down where a guard sat before Zacky killed him to prevent the others from leaving. Zacky quickly turned on the engines, preparing for takeoff. He took one last look at the temple, which sparkled as the sun was at its peak. Soon the ship took off, blasting into the sky. He held on tight as the ship cruised through the atmosphere and into space. He had escaped. He won.

But Zacky’s relief soon turned to horror.

Where’s the body? he thought.

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13 responses to “Absolute Write May Blog Chain Post

  1. Enjoyed reading this well-written, engaging storyline–nice job! What a differcult choice to make, hurting someone you are in love with.

  2. Nice ending! I’d be horrified too if I realized I was flying with a zombie. Eek!

  3. Diane Carlisle

    Where’s the body? We know the answer to that question! 🙂 Mwahahahahaha.

    Nice job.

  4. And no elixir either? Man, these zombies are awful! 😀

  5. Appreciate all the comments! One of my favorite themes to use in zombie stories is how alone a human feels during an apocalypse.

    Imagine…flying alone in space with a vicious zombie hiding onboard!

  6. Nice last line. It works for sci-fi zombie mayhem and Jimmy Hoffa equally!

  7. PERFECT ending line! Loved it.

  8. Very cool! I liked that you didn’t the traditional urban apocalypse approach. It was kind of like a mix between 28 Days Later and Alien. Good job!

  9. Thanks all! I always tried to think of what was worse than a city filled with zombies…I decided to try out the idea of being on a completely different planet, far away from home. Then you’re the only one left…Chilling!

  10. Nice job with the prompt. I’m sure I’ll sleep like a baby tonight.

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