Day One – A wet start.

Song of the Day: Let There Be Rock, by AC/DC

Word Count: 1953

I’d say I made it rain…on them pages.

Just a bit under 2000 words. Not a bad start, considering I started writing about an hour ago. I had work so I couldn’t sneak in any writing and I forgot to bring my netbook to write on. Frankly, it was a good thing because there was a monsoon that passed over here (and conditions were close to perfect for a tornado). After work I was so tired, I took a quick nap.

I woke up to an empty stomach. I had a very light lunch at 11PM and it was going to be 8PM. The rain had died down so I drove to one of my favorite restaurants and ordered myself some crab legs. I was feeling…crabby.

Before I drove home, I ordered myself a pick me up:

Coffee and Baileys

Perked me right up!

Usually I try to hit about 2500 words on the first day. Getting a good start and carrying that momentum really helps me. But because the first day happens to be on a Friday after work, I’m not at 100%.

3 responses to “Day One – A wet start.

  1. Congratulations on the good progress! And I must say, that looks delicious. =D A chocolate milkshake with whipped cream?

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