Day Four – Sneaking in Words

Song of the Day: Enough Space, by Foo Fighters

Word Count: 11,753

I managed to hit the magic number in terms of words per day – 1,667 words. That’s how much you must write each day minimum if you want to hit the 50,000 goal.

To help me get some words in, I carry around my baby Dell netbook with me. When I am on the train going home or on the bus, I try and write a few hundred words. When I get home, I either email the draft to myself or use a flash drive to get those words to my primary machine and continue writing from there.

If you’re falling behind, here are some tips that can help:

  • Go overboard with description. Say your female MC runs into her hot boss. Spend a good amount of time describing him. When you go to edit, just trim the fat.
  • Give your character some insane routine they do every day and describe it in great detail. To the color and brand of panties they wear on their head before every prep rally at the smelly, rat-infested high school to the number hairs they pull from their bushy chest before going to a tail gate in the parking lot with all the oil spills. Have some fun, give your character something to laugh about at themselves.
  • Just had an argument with someone and it seemed like hours past during that verbose fight? Well put it in the story! It’s likely you won’t use it in the final draft, but know knows? If you have any crazy idea for your story, NaNoWriMo is the time to go loose.

It’s a little sad that I already want the weekend to be here. It’s only Monday.

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