Perverse Selection – Character Profile #2

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This week, let’s say hi to my female main character of Perverse Selection:

The rising star named Kait Drummond.

Kait is what every employer wants – she’s punctual and gets all her work done. Need those reports by the close of business? Kait will do it! Need her to be in for the early morning conference call? She will be there!

However, she’s employed right now. She’s a political aide and a darn good looking one.

Kait’s deductive skills are also up there on her list of qualifications. She will find patterns and observations looked over by her coworkers. Finding solutions to problems is second nature to her.  She can also figure out most people’s true motives by observation and what they say to her.

Her father was a chief scientist and her mother was a lawyer. She got her ability to find solutions from her mother and her deductive skills from her father.

However some of the people closest to her describe Kait as someone who is sometimes too cautious. She tends to be soft-spoken at the fear of overstepping her duties as a political aide. She also wants everyone’s perception of her to be perfect. As a result, she becomes over-obsessive with her image. That’s not to say she doesn’t have thoughts of bending the rules, but she prefers to play by the rules.

She also panics when things don’t go according to schedule. If she happens to take  longer than usual going out for her morning run, she’ll panic and rush to shower, eat etc. Traffic is her nightmare, so she gets to work early.

Change can be scary for someone as methodical as Kait. But with time. she’ll get use to it.

Overall, Kait is a good person at heart. She’s loyal and has great work ethics. However she worries too much about what others think of her. In fact, sometimes Kait just needs to take a chill pill!

(Oh, and she’s taken guys. Sorry!)

2 responses to “Perverse Selection – Character Profile #2

  1. How will Kait’s strengths and weakness affect her relationships, or the development of the plot?

    • Her deductive skills will help her figure out who is trustworthy amongst her allies.

      Her playing it safe nature will keep her alive, but she will need to step out of her comfort zone to stand a chance with some of the villains.

      She will become less rigid as the conflict deepens.

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