Day Fifteen – Where do we stand?

Song of the Day: Walk With Me In Hell, by Lamb of God

Word Count: 33,142

So we’ve hit the halfway point of Camp NaNoWriMo. Lots of hot dogs and marshmellows cooked at the camp fire. Trails traversed. Rocks climbed over.

I’ll let you guys decide the analogies…

Anyway, how am I looking so far?

Here’s a screenshot of the word count graph:

A chart representing my word count for each day.

I wish my savings account grew this fast.

Day 9 was a big help for me. It allowed me to always stay above the minimum words needed for each day. While the graph continues to grow, it has slowed down recently. Work can do this to you.

What to expect? Well I’m hitting a crucial midway point. The antagonist’s grip on the protagonists is tightening. It’s only going to get worst for my heroes for a while. Can they overcome this growing conflict?  Sidewinder and Kait need to work together.

As you’ve probably read the character profiles for Sidewinder and Kait, you can see how they may work together.

Sidewinder represents the bold, but reckless partner who lets his fists do the talking (though he does have a big mouth). He’ll jump in and give anyone a hard time right off the bat…though sometimes he really should think before he acts.

Kait represents the level-headed, but overly-cautious partner. She’ll analyze the situation and figure out the best way to win. She’ll sit back and wait for the opportune moment. Sometimes that moment will never come.

Both methods can work at the right time. They just have to figure out when.

Enjoy the weekend folks!


One response to “Day Fifteen – Where do we stand?

  1. Good job man! Mega-progress!

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