Day Twenty-Four – What is a Claptrap?

Song of the Day – Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites, by Skrillex

Word Count – 66,029

No writing today. I earned this day off.

I have to say though – it’s been a good weekend. As I was riding home tonight, I had the windows down. I was going pretty fast (I was within the legal speed limit, don’t worry) and there was a storm brewing. I was blasting my favorite tunes.

Its moments like those where you just forget about all your worries.

Anyway, so I’m sure some of you wonder why this blog is called Gates’ Claptrap. Let me start off by saying that claptrap is not an STD.

Claptrap means this (retrieved from

pretentious nonsense

It’s garbage. Stupid ramblings. Hogwash!

Now the title of the blog is suppose to be a bit ironic. I don’t consider myself to be pretentious. I may blabber a lot but I do try to make sense.

Hopefully this clears up some confusion. Hope you all have a great week! Last week for Camp NaNoWriMo this month! Write on!

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