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Sorry for being MIA!

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Hey readers, sorry for not posting for a few days. It’s been a crazy week at work and there’s still more to come next week too.

Fortunately, I’m staying somewhat sane. Yesterday could be summed up with these activities:

  • Coconut Rum
  • Pool Volleyball
  • Trips to 7-11

I’ll post more in a bit!

Getting Started (Helpful for Mac Users!)

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So I use Apple’s Pages app for my word processor needs. I was use to Word so this was a change for me.

Before I can begin the manuscript for Perverse Selection, I need to set the template correctly.

I knew how to set everything in Microsoft Word, but Pages was a new world to me.

Fortunately I found this blog post that gave me some helpful tips on setting the template correctly.

Unfortunately, it’s an important week at work. Let’s see how many chapters I knock out.

Getting ahead of myself

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I still need to get Perverse Selection done, but I am already researching ideas for my next story.

I have an overactive imagination.

Also, avoid the jungle juice.

That is all.


How was your holiday Wednesday? (Warning – lots of pictures!)

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Currently Listening To: After Thought, by Bassnectar So having the day off yesterday was kind of weird. A sudden break in the middle of the week. Then today felt like Monday all over again. So yesterday I got up and … Continue reading

Your Online Presence (warning – contains some offensive language)

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So I’m reading through some basic grammer lessons and favorite novels of mine. Trying to get my mechanics down so that when I begin editing, I can get these chapters right!

Though I find it funny that as I am reading through all the lessons…they all sound familiar to me. Rules such as using ‘who’ vs. ‘whom’ are buried deep in my brain.

Anyway, I’m diverting a bit from the usual post subjects to talk about news that caught my eye.

Stephanie Rice, an Australian swimmer who will be competing in the upcoming Olympics, posted a picture of herself in a low-cut bikini on Twitter.

Stephanie Rice

Photo Credit: CNN

This apparently drew criticism from folks on Twitter. Someone even wanted her to withdraw from the Olympics.

Now, I’m sure some of you are thinking Wait a minute, she’s a swimmer and she was posing in a bikini? What’s the big deal? Don’t worry, I’m on that boat too.

First, she’s been in trouble before for pictures or comments she’s made on social media sites before.

Second, holding athletes to higher standards of conduct seems to be the norm on social media sites.

But what does this have to do with us crazy writers? It’s unlikely we’ll be wearing bikinis and posting them on our blogs or Twitters for all to see. I haven’t seen any of my followers post something awfully crude or offensive.

However, many of us utilize social media. It’s important to remember that whatever we post, stays on the Internet. It helps to think twice before posting something and if you do post something that might be a bit offensive…well be prepared to get some nasty comments.

I always tell people that the Internet is your harshest critic. Post a video of yourself on Youtube and I would be shocked if you didn’t get comments like these:

An angry potty-mouth

I think he’s annoyed.

In short, just be prepared when you post content online.

Have a great holiday!

So what’s the game plan now?

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So now that the thrill of writing so much in a month has worn off…what’s next?

Well this week I’ll be taking a break from writing. I have a desk job so my wrists need some rest because when I come home, it’s back to typing. Plus it’s a holiday week, so I intend on enjoying it.

But next week? It’s time to get down and dirty.

Compared to previous NaNoWriMo attempts, this novel is pretty clean. I’d say only one or two days were really messy drafts.

I’ve already made a backup of my stuff. I need to review my grammer and punctuation rules.

Not to mention, my room could use some cleaning.

Enjoy your Sunday folks! If you have a twitter follow me @AC_Gates !