How was your holiday Wednesday? (Warning – lots of pictures!)

Currently Listening To: After Thought, by Bassnectar

So having the day off yesterday was kind of weird. A sudden break in the middle of the week. Then today felt like Monday all over again.

The Doctor giving his diagnosis

Can’t argue with that diagnosis, Doctor.

So yesterday I got up and felt in the mood to cook something.

The final product.

Chicken Curry…with extra onions!

After a filling meal, I drove up to an old state to visit some awesome friends…and make new ones too!

It was very…sparkly to say the least:


We were on fire (not literally).

Getting the sparklers ready!

Let’s get this party started!

More Sparklers!

Katy Perry and Edward Cullen have nothing on us!

Close-up of a sparkler.



The best part was – I got home at 2AM and I had to be up and in the shower at 6AM. I regret nothing!

What about you guys? How was yesterday for you all?

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