Day 3: Well it’s a start.

Currently Listening To: Second Heartbeat, by Avenged Sevenfold

Word Count: 2504

Well I doubled my word count…and now am 2,500 words away from being on par with hitting 50,000 words.

Unfortunately, a lack of proper sleep and work burnout is really preventing me from letting me fire on all cylinders.

The thing that is helping me write is describing my characters in as much detail as I can. Not just physical details, but their behavior, their quirks. And no, I’m not just saying:

“oh she has some fine hips and a confident personality to compliment it.”

I’m letting my character show how she is confident (or whatever personality it is) through her actions in the story.

Now this is important to writing, but the final draft won’t be overkill.

A large tank.

A true statement!

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