Day 1 of Camp NaNoWrimo 2013 – Spicy and Fishy!

Currently Listening To: B.Y.O.B, by System Of  Down

Word Count: 4014 (as of 11:59PM)

Let me start off by saying that no, this story is not a smut novel. Now that this is out of the way, let’s talk about how Day 1 is going.

I have the tactical advantage of having today and tomorrow off. I figure I can get a big head start into the story because I know my work schedule and I will be lucky if I can stay on pace for the rest of the month.

Also, despite having the day off, I didn’t start writing until about 4PM. Well I also spent an hour last night (after midnight, of course!) writing too. I’d say this is a pretty good start. I know last year I was feeling burnt out from the beginning and struggled to hit 1700 words.

I hope everyone else is getting real deep into their stories! And why did I say “spicy and fishy”? Here’s why:


I do wish this aggravating cough would go away though!

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