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A prompt.

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So it’s late here and I felt like blogging.

I didn’t know what to post though, so I went to and found this prompt:

mindbump suggested by The Real Eureka Springs

“Describe something seemingly unimportant or ridiculous that makes you happy.”

I thought hard about this, and came to this conclusion:

Hearing someone say “hello”, “hi”, “good morning”, etc. to me.

Now you might be thinking about how is this even ridiculous or unimportant.

In this day and age, everyone’s in a rush.

We have to catch the next train. We have to attend the 8AM meeting. We have to drop our kids off for tennis practice. We have to pick up our carryout dinner before it gets cold. We have to catch Game 7 of the NBA Finals. We have to finish creating our cosplay costumes for Otakon this year. We have to charge our smartphones or else we’ll miss that important text.

And the list goes on.

I’ll admit, I’m guilty of this too. It doesn’t help that often I’ll have my headphones on so I’m drowning out everything around me.

But on the days I’m more alert to my surroundings, nothing beats hearing a “good morning!” from a friend or stranger. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had a bad start to the morning, only to get a cheery greeting from a co-worker or an old friend. It works wonders. The mere fact that they are taking potentially precious seconds from their day to greet me is enough to cheer me up from anything.

So what about you all? What unimportant or ridiculous thing makes you happy?

Or you could try one of the prompts?

Happy Geek Day!

Sonic Screwdriver!

If you’re a deadlock or made of wood, you’re safe.


P.S. One more week till Camp NaNoWriMo!


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So as I was riding home on the train and I kept thinking about the kind of person I am as a writer. What traits do I have that help me out as a writer? What traits hinder me?

Here’s what I came up with:

Ambition: A story is a big idea. You have to have the final product in mind before you can even begin to build it.

Creativity: From characters to worldbuilding, imagination forms the building blocks of your story.

Motivation: You have that great idea? Awesome, now get to it. Writing is a big commitment. There will be days where you don’t feel like doing it. Too bad, you still have to write.

Meticulosity: You can’t gloss over your fourth draft and say it’s good to go. Sit down with your red pen and tear that manuscript to pieces. Some call it crazy, but in many jobs it pays to be mindful of the details.

Perseverance: You will fail at some point. Anyone who says otherwise is a liar. You will face rejection. You will face harsh criticism. You will lose chapters due to a power outage. Can you get back up and continue?

Sanity: Yes I know we all can be crazy sometimes. But there will be times where you will have to keep your cool. And after all, you are human. Writing a novel shouldn’t be impossible, so don’t make it so difficult that it’s only for the insane.

So how would I rate myself?

Ambition: 10/10. I like to pursue goals. I can’t stop thinking about how the final product will look.

Creativity: 8/10. I will spend days researching and sketching out my characters and my worlds. I think of all the experiences and sights that are tucked away in my brain. Brainstorming sessions are a must for me.

Motivation: 6.5/10. This would be higher but lately I keep slacking on actually writing the draft. Fortunately the coming weeks will give me some fuel!

Meticulosity:  6/10. Arguably this is my weakest link. While I spend a lot of time on the details of my characters and worlds…I don’t do it enough in my story. This leads to many plot holes and messy drafts.

Perseverance: 8/10. I’ve already gotten rejections for short stories, so I’m use to it. Hurray for thick skin!

Sanity: 7/10. I’m crazy enough to write a novel. I do have panic attacks over the smallest things though, so I try to keep it together when writing.

In summary: I’m ambitious and full of ideas, but lack some of the finer traits needed to be truly successful. Doesn’t mean I can’t improve!

What do you guys think? Am I missing something? How would you rate yourselves?

Another Freebie!

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So in my last post, I talked about a book I found in a pile of free books.

I looked earlier and I found another keeper:


I always seem to struggle with short stories, so this will be a helpful read.

So who blessed me with good luck?

Love my friends, and my new book!

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So one of my good friends had recommended a book to me a while back. She really loved it and I said I would look into it.

Months past and I end up forgetting about it. Not a good friend am I?

Yesterday at work, there was a pile of books and a note on top:


I’m a curious guy, I go through the small pile. Nothing strikes my eye until I get to the biggest book. I see the title and suddenly I think of my friend (let’s call her Chels).

During my lunch break I begin texting her, asking about the book she had recommended.

Chels: Hmm I can’t remember but if I had to guess I’d say Pillars of the Earth by Ken Follett. It’s like my fav book ever and it seems like something I’d recommended to you lol

Me: Hahaha. Well at work there was a pile of books titled “Free Books”. I found this:

I then sent her a pic of the book and yup – it’s Pillars of the Earth!

Excited to read it, I began reading it on my ride home from work. My eyes were glued to the book. I took the motion sickness like a man and kept reading.

Today I’m about 25% done with the 900+ page story. Instead of going home, where I could have been distracted with dishes, laundry, video games, etc, I just went to a local Chinese place, ordered a big bowl of soup and kept on reading.

There are many characters in the story with their own adventures and the author does an amazing job bringing them together at various points of the story.  I never feel like I am reading something pointless, because I know at some point it will be connected to another character’s story.

To pay back the favor, I told Chels about a book I really liked and would recommend to her: The Glass Castle, by Jeannette Walls.

What would I ever do without my friends?

I type from an iPhone

I’m on the train and I’m writing a blog post!

Since I took a long break from Perverse Selection, I’m able to look at the current draft with a fresh set of eyes. Some parts of the plot need some reworking.

One idea I am considering is reworking the characters. The core set of main characters is fine, but other characters I feel were there as placeholders from NaNoWriMo. They don’t grow as the story progresses and they are most prevalent in the weaker parts of the plot. I have to decide if it is worth removing them without changing the main characters too much…

Fantastic Quote I Found

Everything in life is writable about if you have the outgoing guts to do it, and the imagination to improvise. The worst enemy to creativity is self-doubt.


Find more of them on

May the 4th be with you.

Doing Sci-fi stuff

Gotta get this lightsaber fixed!

Back To Work

Looks like I’m back to writing.


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This is a bit of a technical post, so bear with me.

I was getting tired of using my current operating system, so I cleaned up the computer a bit and installed a new one – a free one!

It’s called Ubuntu. I’ve used it before back in college and decided it’s time to bring it back.

I mainly plan to use this set up for writing. I’ve lost the dual screen capabilities, but now I have essentially four different desktops on one screen. One can have OpenOffice open. Another one can have my character list open. Another one can have a web browser open. The final one can have anything it wants.

Oh, and I’ve written my first chapter! (for the second draft that is.) It actually felt very…energizing to actually write as oppose to just outline.