Day 8 – One Week Later

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Word Count: 15,155

So time to look at how I have been doing so far.

My Word Count Stats!

Eh, could do better.

A slow start, but I got things rolling by Day 4. I think one issue, outside of my schedule, is that it’s getting tiring working on Perverse Selection. I like the project and want to get it done, but perhaps I should have pursued a different idea. The current story’s getting stale.

I think I’ll have a day to really knock out some chapters this weekend. Hopefully there’s a big jump in the graph!

Day 7 – Shouldn’t have stayed up late…

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Word Count: 12,867

I was up really late last night and only got about two-three good hours of sleep. It’s a miracle I am even functional right now.

Still, got a decent boost of words and I am still in good shape.

Hopefully I can power through tomorrow. I plan on going to sleep soon!


Day 6 – Well Done Obama

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Word Count: 11,855

So Obama won, and I managed to give myself a decent cushion in NaNoWriMo. Most of my writing was done on the train today.

Now I can afford to slow down if needed. Hopefully I won’t have to!

Day 5 – Chugging Along

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Word Count: 9015

Hit one of my favorite milestones. I guess my word count is over 9000!

Vegeta thinks it's over 9000!

I guess I’m really strong too.

I should add that I am not chugging champagne right now. It’s only Monday night!


Day 4: Nothing Wrong!

Currently Listening To: Nothing Wrong, by Jimmy Eat World

Word Count: 7,295

There we go! That’s a boost right there.

Last night was a friend’s 22nd birthday. It was just the thing I needed after a brutal work week. Lots of drinks, lots of dancing, and lots of bad puns by yours truly.

I also managed to catch up on sleep, thanks to DST. I woke up, fully rested and ready to take on the day.


This also helped….

Once I came back with food in my tummy, it was time to watch the Washington Redskins play and write!

Close to five thousand words written! I’m now back on track and caught up with most of my writing buddies!

One trick I do is to set my font size real low. I tend to judge by number of pages written, so by setting the font size low, one page of that could really be a lot of words.

Hopefully the rest of the month won’t be so brutal. Happy Writing!

Day 3: Well it’s a start.

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Word Count: 2504

Well I doubled my word count…and now am 2,500 words away from being on par with hitting 50,000 words.

Unfortunately, a lack of proper sleep and work burnout is really preventing me from letting me fire on all cylinders.

The thing that is helping me write is describing my characters in as much detail as I can. Not just physical details, but their behavior, their quirks. And no, I’m not just saying:

“oh she has some fine hips and a confident personality to compliment it.”

I’m letting my character show how she is confident (or whatever personality it is) through her actions in the story.

Now this is important to writing, but the final draft won’t be overkill.

A large tank.

A true statement!

Day 2: I should consider finding more time in the day

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Word Count: 1,207

Nothing to add. I’ve been up since 5 this morning because of work. I really haven’t had much breathing room today.

I will say this though: enjoy NaNoWriMo!

NaNoWriMo Day 1: I wrote over a thousand words??

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Word Count: 1,207

Considering I had to work late, I am surprised I even managed to write over a thousand words!

My stratagy with NaNoWriMo is to always get a good head-start. It just makes the rest of the challenge so much easier. This time around, I just don’t have the time or energy to go to five thousand on the first day.

Tomorrow isn’t going to be much better and Saturday I’ll be out. So watch for a spike on…Sunday?

Happy Writing!

That NaNoWriMo thing…

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So yeah.


I’m so not prepared for this…

Maybe this might be a good thing! However, I know I won’t be firing all cylinders until Sunday. Work is just piling right now thanks to Hurricane Sandy.

I lost two days worth of work (and I can’t make up those hours), and I lost power for a day.

Other than that, I guess I survived.

Good luck to those participating!I'm writing!

I need more hours in my life.

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So I got stuff planned. Charity stuff this weekend. NaNoWriMo next month…

Anyone doing NaNoWriMo this year? I could use some writing buddies!