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So…Weight Loss?

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So…final word count is 80,052.

Dividing that number by the magic number (3,500) we get…


So…by December 31st, I’ll shoot to have lost at least 23 lbs. 

How well will this go? Let’s check in about a month.

For the time being, I’m going to be making some simple changes to my lifestyle:

  • Replacing soda with water. Going cold turkey just isn’t going to work. I have to do this slowly..and I better hang around near a restroom for a while.
  • Walking more – don’t need to go on mile hikes early in the morning, but doing those simple things like parking further away, taking the stairs instead of the elevator…that kind of stuff.
  • Less carbs – specifically rice! I’m a sucker for it and I’ll be eating bowls of it a day. I’m not the most active guy in the world so I guess I don’t need all of those carbs!

Since I’m writing a post about this and I have some followers…I can’t fake!

Day Thirty – We are glorious

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Word Count 80,052 (Validated and Final!)


Just absolutely amazing.

My goal was 75,000. I thought I wouldn’t have time.

After spending 6 hours on the road, trying to find gas and some food, I came home and decided to take my rage out on writing.

However, being exhausted from the heat, I wasn’t at 100%. But I powered through the final phase. At this point I was writing mini chapters of chapters. I couldn’t do walls of text anymore.

Here’s a final look at the word count chart.

Camp NaNoWriMo Word Count Page

I wish this is how fast my bank account grew.

So when I first started Camp NaNoWriMo I had a moderate start. I figured I was going to hit 50,000 for sure, but not 60,000.

Day 9 was big, as I crossed the halfway mark of 50,000. Here I began wondering if I could really hit 60,000.

Day 20 I began thinking of ways to celebrate my word count goals. However, at this point I really didn’t have a reward in mind. All I want is to get this thing published. So I figured to put my ego to the test and make a health challenge out of it. After all I hate to fall short on the Internet.

Day 23 was the biggest push of words I had ever done. 20,000 words. It was just the thing I needed  to get over my hump of stopping at just over 50,000 words. Since this was a big accomplishment for me, I went to announce it in places I frequently visit. It was a goal I thought I could never make. However in most cases I was just shot down (some people said writing 20,000 words was the norm for them. I was also mostly ignored). Really, I wasn’t trying to brag. I wasn’t like “har har I can write 20,000 words. Suck it!” It hurt a little, to feel so insignificant. However I soon tossed aside that notion and focused on hitting my next milestone: 70,000.

On Day 25, things at work were getting hectic so I had to face the reality that 75,000 or even 70,000 words was not going to be hit this month.

Pushing through some rage, I end Day 29 at just above 73,000. The word counter I use is a bit on the conservative side so I expected NaNoWriMo’s word counter to give me a few extra hundred words…but not 3,000 words!

Then today…because of the weather whatever plans I had were canceled. It took me a while to get back home, but once I did (and I made sure to eat and hydrate myself first), I sat down and tore through scenes, trying to hit 80,000. I wanted to stop, but I always was in the habit of giving up. Not today.

It feels good to hit goals. And it’s good when you have fun doing it!

As I said some time before – in the end you have to have some fun doing this. Yes it’s a challenge and yes it’s good to win. But if you don’t look forward to coming home and writing a few scenes or a chapter for this, or you flip out because you didn’t win a word war…I don’t know, but I just feel the point of these things is to have fun making some progress on a story or trying out a new plot idea. It’s really hard to “lose” at NaNoWriMo. Just my opinion. Everyone’s free to participate in NaNoWriMo as they see fit! 😀

Speaking of goals – I managed to actually write a post every day. Admittedly some were more interesting but others but…it got me into a habit!

Anyway, that’s all I have for now. There’s still time folks, so squeeze out those last few hundred (or thousand) words!



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So as I was riding home on the train and I kept thinking about the kind of person I am as a writer. What traits do I have that help me out as a writer? What traits hinder me?

Here’s what I came up with:

Ambition: A story is a big idea. You have to have the final product in mind before you can even begin to build it.

Creativity: From characters to worldbuilding, imagination forms the building blocks of your story.

Motivation: You have that great idea? Awesome, now get to it. Writing is a big commitment. There will be days where you don’t feel like doing it. Too bad, you still have to write.

Meticulosity: You can’t gloss over your fourth draft and say it’s good to go. Sit down with your red pen and tear that manuscript to pieces. Some call it crazy, but in many jobs it pays to be mindful of the details.

Perseverance: You will fail at some point. Anyone who says otherwise is a liar. You will face rejection. You will face harsh criticism. You will lose chapters due to a power outage. Can you get back up and continue?

Sanity: Yes I know we all can be crazy sometimes. But there will be times where you will have to keep your cool. And after all, you are human. Writing a novel shouldn’t be impossible, so don’t make it so difficult that it’s only for the insane.

So how would I rate myself?

Ambition: 10/10. I like to pursue goals. I can’t stop thinking about how the final product will look.

Creativity: 8/10. I will spend days researching and sketching out my characters and my worlds. I think of all the experiences and sights that are tucked away in my brain. Brainstorming sessions are a must for me.

Motivation: 6.5/10. This would be higher but lately I keep slacking on actually writing the draft. Fortunately the coming weeks will give me some fuel!

Meticulosity:  6/10. Arguably this is my weakest link. While I spend a lot of time on the details of my characters and worlds…I don’t do it enough in my story. This leads to many plot holes and messy drafts.

Perseverance: 8/10. I’ve already gotten rejections for short stories, so I’m use to it. Hurray for thick skin!

Sanity: 7/10. I’m crazy enough to write a novel. I do have panic attacks over the smallest things though, so I try to keep it together when writing.

In summary: I’m ambitious and full of ideas, but lack some of the finer traits needed to be truly successful. Doesn’t mean I can’t improve!

What do you guys think? Am I missing something? How would you rate yourselves?