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Day Twenty-Three – Absolute Insanity

Song of the Day: Knights of Cydonia, by Muse

Word Count: 66,029

That’s not a typo.

From 12:01AM to 11:48PM, I wrote just over 20,000 words for my novel. And it’s still not done.

So yes, I have hit the goal for Camp NaNoWrimo. I even surpassed my person goal of 60,000 words. Next milestone? 70,000. Then 80,000.

Here’s a nice screenshot of my word count stats.

A graph and various stats of my word count

Now that’s what I call a hike!

Expect a more detailed post to come!

Perverse Selection – Character Profile #1

Currently Listening To: Superbeast, by Rob Zombie

This week, let’s meet one of the main characters in Perverse Selection:

The assassin who goes by the name Sidewinder.

Sidewinder is what many would call a punk. He hates following rules and prefers to do things his way. You say jump, he will fly.

He’s physically gifted, thanks to a special serum injected into him during puberty. The formula contains traces of DNA from predator organisms. As a result he is stronger, faster and more durable than your average person. Sidewinder also was ¬†blessed with the ability to produce fire on his hands and feet, thanks to DNA from the flaming sidewinder – a snake that hosts special bacteria on its tail that converts chemicals to produce a fire capable of scaring off most enemies.

Sidewinder also has more raw intelligence than your average person. Science and engineering are second nature to him. It’s believed he was born with all that brainpower, but most of his past is unknown, even to him.

Unfortunately, his fighting ability combined with his smarts fuels his ego. He believes he is the next generation of fighters and looks down at his fellow assassins. In turn, no one really likes him either. They put up with him only because they have to.

Also, the serum affects his hormone production. He is prone to uncontrolled anger and probably thinks about sex every three seconds (as opposed to the myth that the average man thinks about sex every seven seconds).

Despite all these negative traits, Sidewinder has some things going for him. Besides his intelligence, he’s very ambitious and wants to succeed, no matter the odds. Don’t expect him to sit on the sidelines out of cowardice or laziness. The phrase “high risk, high reward” suits him very well.