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Hit the Milestone!

Day 13

Song that helped me out: Energy Recharge, composed by Another Soundscape on OCRemix

Word Count: 50083(!)

At 8:55PM, I managed to push through and hit the 50,000 mark. At the beginning of the day I was about 10k under the mark. I powered my way through the blocks and kept on writing. I wrote with my eyes closed if I had to! I just kept on writing. My characters were placed into the story and I let them write out the plot for me!

While I wasn’t the first to hit the mark, I still have to say I am impressed that I hit the mark so soon. It’s not even the 15th yet!

Of course the story isn’t over. In fact it’s getting good. Reaching that climax!

I rock…but now I need to rest. A full week of work awaits me…but no pressure to write 11k each day now!