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Day 4: Nothing Wrong!

Currently Listening To: Nothing Wrong, by Jimmy Eat World

Word Count: 7,295

There we go! That’s a boost right there.

Last night was a friend’s 22nd birthday. It was just the thing I needed after a brutal work week. Lots of drinks, lots of dancing, and lots of bad puns by yours truly.

I also managed to catch up on sleep, thanks to DST. I woke up, fully rested and ready to take on the day.


This also helped….

Once I came back with food in my tummy, it was time to watch the Washington Redskins play and write!

Close to five thousand words written! I’m now back on track and caught up with most of my writing buddies!

One trick I do is to set my font size real low. I tend to judge by number of pages written, so by setting the font size low, one page of that could really be a lot of words.

Hopefully the rest of the month won’t be so brutal. Happy Writing!

Day Six – Down but not out!

Song of the Day: Nothing Ever Dies, by Kamelot

Word Count: 14,144

After a good night of rest, I’m ready to continue writing.

I hadn’t been sleeping properly since I started. I always felt winded after work, so I decided to take a break to give my brain a rest.

It paid off, as I wrote over two thousand words.

Most of it was done on my train and bus rides to and from work. I bring my baby Dell netbook and type away. In some cases I only get one hand to type.

So far I’m liking the path my story is taking. I may have to change some minor points here and there, but compared to previous drafts, this feels like a more complete plot.

For fun, here’s a screenshot of my word count graph:

NaNoWriMo Word Count Chart

Above the line!

Planning for May-sanity.

Currently Listening To: Shattered, by Pantera.

So I am behind on my writing. I need a boost.

Why not spend a whole month catching up..and seeing how many words I can write? Sure that usually happens in November, I figure a summer one won’t kill me. It’ll allow me to get fit for the fall.

Fit for writing that is…

Anyway, so this weekend will be spent making sure I have my plot holes plugged in and my characters know what to do.

Why am I choosing to torture myself? It’s because I realize that I spent so much time trying to make just one chapter perfect, I never get to move on. If I ease up on that kind of stuff and just get content down, then I’ll be more than willing to clean it up. I guess it’s just my style.