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Day Sixteen – The Sweet Spot

Song Of The Day: Scapegoat, by Fear Factory

Word Count: 36,484

Thirty five thousand words.

To many who do NaNoWriMo, that’s a major milestone.

The last fifteen thousand words? Piece of cake compared to the last thirty  five thousand.

I honestly wasn’t expecting to hit this today. I had a lot to do today (eye appointment, cleaning the house, etc.) but I ended up with some extra time on my hands and figured I could squeeze in about a thousand words. Then a thousand words became three thousand words.

And I’m at perhaps one of my favorite parts of Perverse Selection to write. This gives me an advantage to boost my word count. However tomorrow is Father’s Day and it’s back to work for me on Monday.

Plot-wise I’m only about half-way done. One of the big characters in the story undergoes some development. I mean, when their ideal world is crushed right in front of them, it’s time to face the facts.

Yes, I can be cruel to my characters. But they’ll never grow if I shelter them.

How many words will I hit by the end? I’m thinking sixty thousand. What do you guys think? Over? Under?

Day Twelve – Bacon Sundaes!

Song of the Day: Generation Swine, by Motley Crue

Word Count: 28,959

I’m at a point in my story where I am giving Sidewinder, my male MC, a hard time. I’m enjoying every moment on it.

Of course, there’s more to come in terms of conflict, but I like taking a light-hearted approach to putting my characters through hell.

Not to mention, all of these points will come up later in the story. They are defining Sidewinder’s character and giving Kait some moments to shine.

Never forget that your major characters should grow in some way. It doesn’t have to be positive growth, but by the end of the story, there should be some significant contrast between the characters.

Before I sign off to go watch Game 1 of the NBA Finals, I want to remind people doing Camp NaNoWriMo that in the end, you have to have fun doing it. It’s a month of writing and that’s it. Try to hit the goal, but don’t take it too seriously.

P.S I know I haven’t talked about bacon sundaes. So I’ll post something else: a bacon martini!

Bacon-infused Martini!

Very smokey!