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Day Two – I’ve gone loose!

Song of the Day: The Wolf Is Loose, by Mastodon

Current Word Count: 5758

After a rocking start, I’ve kept up the momentum and wrote over three thousand words.

Before I got to writing however, I treated myself for at least getting a good start:

A big burger.

Breakfast and Lunch!

That, my readers, is a turkey burger with a fried egg, crispy onion strips, olives and mixed organic greens. The sauce is a chipotle aioli.

Since I got up just past breakfast, I figured I would make it a brunch. The bartender provided some chuckles as well. Apparently a little spider was hiding on my hat. She encouraged me to spared the little critter. We made sure it got out safely.

Once I was full, I came back home and got straight to writing (along with laundry).   The weather is just perfect right now so I’m more relaxed when I write.

This year, I want to try and limit the use of Write or Die. It’s useful, but I don’t want to rely on it too much. However, if you find yourself constantly hitting that back button or freezing up while writing, this tool might be for you!

I think I can hit fifty thousand for sure. I just want to break past sixty thousand this time around. Let’s see what happens.

I need a shower, and some dinner.

Planning for May-sanity.

Currently Listening To: Shattered, by Pantera.

So I am behind on my writing. I need a boost.

Why not spend a whole month catching up..and seeing how many words I can write? Sure that usually happens in November, I figure a summer one won’t kill me. It’ll allow me to get fit for the fall.

Fit for writing that is…

Anyway, so this weekend will be spent making sure I have my plot holes plugged in and my characters know what to do.

Why am I choosing to torture myself? It’s because I realize that I spent so much time trying to make just one chapter perfect, I never get to move on. If I ease up on that kind of stuff and just get content down, then I’ll be more than willing to clean it up. I guess it’s just my style.

What Happens When You Have No Internet

Currently Listening To: Panic Switch, by Silversun Pickups.

Don’t worry, I’m not panicking…yet.

On Wednesday, I was going to make a post on here. However, my housemate notified me that our internet and TV had been cut…literally! Turns out landscapers accidentally cut right through the fiber optic cables.

So with nothing to do, we went out for burgers. What did I order?

A 1lb turkey burger.

1lb of sheer deliciousness. I regret nothing!

That’s 1lb (after cooking) turkey burger with pepper jack, sauteed onions, bacon and a fried egg. How did I feel afterwards? Let’s just say I had nothing but salad the next day.

It’s funny what you find time to do when the Internet isn’t around to distract you.

Took time to get some writing done. I caught up with an old friend. Enjoyed some delicious food.

How am I posting this you ask? I’m down at my favorite writing spot again and decided to swing by a Starbucks and keep my readers up to date.

One Week From Tomorrow

Currently Listening To: Micro Cuts, by Muse

To quote the website:

National Novel Writing Month is a fun, seat-of-your-pants approach to novel writing. Participants begin writing on November 1. The goal is to write a 50,000 word, (approximately 175 page) novel by 11:59:59, November 30.

Is this for everyone? Of course not!

Why do I utilize it so much? I just seem to get so much done in that month. Every draft for the book has come out of NaNoWrimo.

I also have a bit of a competitive side. Lately I’ve been top 5-10 amongst people I know. This year I want to push my creativity to its limits.

Plus, I like the timing: Spend a lot of the month writing and spend a good Thanksgiving with the family. Then utilize being stuck in the winter finishing that draft and editing it.

Let me say this again:

This is not for everyone.

Some people prefer spacing out their writing, instead of squeezing 50,000+ words into a month. That’s fine, really.

NaNoWrimo is just one of many methods to write, or rather start a novel.


NaNoWriMo web badge.