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Fire! Fire!

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Just fired off my first chapter of my latest draft. Man. That. Felt. Good.

An excerpt, just to show I’m not making this up:

    He opened the front door and barely avoided a plasma shot fired by the nervous driver. Aiden groaned as he grabbed the driver and slammed his head through the steering wheel.   He then opened the passenger door and sat inside, next to a morbidly obese bald man who was sweating buckets. He was Mr. Hings.

Aiden made himself comfortable as he went through the mini-bar inside the limousine. Mr. Hings tried to open the door on his side, but Aiden stomped on his foot really hard, breaking it. The obese man screamed in pain and clutched his leg. Tears were rolling down his cheeks as he realized he couldn’t make a run for it.

“Ah here we go. Good old sugarstone soda. It’s even chilled too!” Aiden exclaimed as he pulled out a glass bottle with a dark fizzy liquid inside. He melted off the top and began drinking the refreshing soft drink. He then turned to the injured Mr. Hings.

“So tell me Mr. Hings, how does it feel to not have someone looking at your injury? Must be…painful,” he said as the man glared at him with his teeth clenched. Aiden took another swig of his soda.

“Pardon my lack of creativity, as I’m just better at expressing myself through actions rather than words,” Aiden said as he finished his drink.