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Day Two – I’ve gone loose!

Song of the Day: The Wolf Is Loose, by Mastodon

Current Word Count: 5758

After a rocking start, I’ve kept up the momentum and wrote over three thousand words.

Before I got to writing however, I treated myself for at least getting a good start:

A big burger.

Breakfast and Lunch!

That, my readers, is a turkey burger with a fried egg, crispy onion strips, olives and mixed organic greens. The sauce is a chipotle aioli.

Since I got up just past breakfast, I figured I would make it a brunch. The bartender provided some chuckles as well. Apparently a little spider was hiding on my hat. She encouraged me to spared the little critter. We made sure it got out safely.

Once I was full, I came back home and got straight to writing (along with laundry).   The weather is just perfect right now so I’m more relaxed when I write.

This year, I want to try and limit the use of Write or Die. It’s useful, but I don’t want to rely on it too much. However, if you find yourself constantly hitting that back button or freezing up while writing, this tool might be for you!

I think I can hit fifty thousand for sure. I just want to break past sixty thousand this time around. Let’s see what happens.

I need a shower, and some dinner.