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Day Twenty-Three – Absolute Insanity

Song of the Day: Knights of Cydonia, by Muse

Word Count: 66,029

That’s not a typo.

From 12:01AM to 11:48PM, I wrote just over 20,000 words for my novel. And it’s still not done.

So yes, I have hit the goal for Camp NaNoWrimo. I even surpassed my person goal of 60,000 words. Next milestone? 70,000. Then 80,000.

Here’s a nice screenshot of my word count stats.

A graph and various stats of my word count

Now that’s what I call a hike!

Expect a more detailed post to come!

Day Three – A quiet end to the weekend.

Song Of The Day: Pepper, by Butthole Surfers.

Word Count: 10065.

Well I broke the ten thousand mark. To help me push to that mark, I jumped a few scenes past my story and started writing a chapter that I had a better idea about.

Once I was done with that (I was just over nine thousand words at that point), I jumped to the previous chapter and finished writing it.

I can’t say I’m liking everything I’ve written so far, but I’m sure next month and beyond I can morph what I have written to a complete product. I can’t keep rewriting and rewriting or else I’ll never get a chance to publish.

Last night I spent some time writing. After midnight I just spent the time relaxing and talking to people. By the end of it I looked at the clock and it was 4AM! I jumped into bed and got up after noon. Fortunately I still had enough time to write and get other things done around the house.

My reward for hitting that milestone:

Ghirardelli Dark Chocolate

I couldn’t resist biting into a piece before taking the picture.

I don’t expect my work count to go up much higher during the work week. Stranger things have happened though.

Now pardon me as I enjoy the nice weather and a refreshing mojito!