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It’s a sunny day outside, it’s the weekend and Spongebob Squarepants is on. Life is good.

I then get a message from some comrades.

A zombie has been spotted in a town a fair distance away. It catches humans who stray from their groups and infects them. The town must be secure.

I realize what I must do. I must aid my comrades.

I must arm myself:

Nerf Blasters

A primary weapon and a secondary weapon.

My primary weapon is the Rayven CS-18. It’s a semi-automatic blaster with a big clip. Its range is pretty good so I can have some room between myself and brain-hungry zombies. So long as the batteries keep running, this blaster keeps firing!

In the event of empty clips, I carry a Maverick REV-6. A reliable sidearm, it has decent range and can hold six darts.

It’s also important to carry supplies!

Bag and socks

Lightweight and useful!

I carry a state-of-the-art drawstring bag with extra ammo and emergency supplies (bottle of Gatorade, for example). Also, I stock rolled-up socks, in case I need an emergency long range weapon.

With missions like collecting keys, passcodes to antidotes, etc, teamwork is especially important. We must stay focused!

Wish me luck!

Me holding a Nerf Blaster

Disclaimer: I'm not that good.