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So what’s the game plan now?

Currently Listening To: Eternal Rest, by Avenged Sevenfold

So now that the thrill of writing so much in a month has worn off…what’s next?

Well this week I’ll be taking a break from writing. I have a desk job so my wrists need some rest because when I come home, it’s back to typing. Plus it’s a holiday week, so I intend on enjoying it.

But next week? It’s time to get down and dirty.

Compared to previous NaNoWriMo attempts, this novel is pretty clean. I’d say only one or two days were really messy drafts.

I’ve already made a backup of my stuff. I need to review my grammer and punctuation rules.

Not to mention, my room could use some cleaning.

Enjoy your Sunday folks! If you have a twitter follow me @AC_Gates !

Day Ten – Calling it in early.

Song of the Day: Dirty Harry, by Gorillaz.

Word Count: 26,053

It’s Sunday and it’s a nice day outside. I figure about a thousand words will be enough. At the rate I write now, I need to write a little more than a thousand words a day to finish on time.

Of course I intend to try and write more than that! But I’m at a point where if I have to limit my writing sessions this week, it won’t hurt me too much.

Tomorrow is the start of another work week, so I want to clear my head to the end the weekend.

Hope everyone had a nice weekend! If you’re doing Camp NaNoWriMo – keep on writing! You can do it!┬áRemember┬áthat even attempting to do this is an accomplishment in it of itself.

Character Profile post to follow shortly.

Day Five – Break Time

Song of the Day: Dire, Dire Docks, from the game Super Mario 64

Word Count: 11,753

Sorry guys, nothing to update. I’m just slurping on Campbell’s Noodle Soup and preparing to go to be early!