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Day Twenty-Nine – How I spend Fridays

Song of the Day: Stealing Peoples’ Mail, by Dead Kennedys

Word Count: 73,626 (validated)

Let me first state that  I don’t steal people’s mail on a Friday night. I usually get some crab legs and alcohol to cool down after a rough work week.

Now, when I originally updated my word count, it was 70,250. Upon using the validation tool on Camp NaNoWriMo’s site, I got about 3,000 extra words. Woohoo!

I might try and hit 75,000 tomorrow if I have time. I have to be up by 5AM tomorrow and I’ll be out in the heat for most of the day.

I will write a reflection piece tomorrow as the final entry. I’m impressed with two things:

  • I broke my goal of 60,000 words.
  • I managed to make a blog entry for every day of the month.

I know some people are a few thousand shy of their goals. Remember – if I can write 20,000 words in one day (and some people have written 50,000 in a day!) then you can hit your goals in the next 27 hours (if my math is correct).

Cheering my NaNo friends on!

Camp NaNoWriMo Winner's Badge

I wish there were real badges of this. I’d wear it on days I had to wear a suit to work.

Day Eight – The Writing Gods Blessed Me (I think)

Song Of The Day: Above and Beyond, by Bassnectar & Seth Drake

Word Count: 17,078

So today I wasn’t planning on writing much. Maybe just six hundred words.

However, my plans fell through for the night. I was planning on heading down to see some friends and grab some drinks. So I quickly grabbed some dinner at my favorite thai place and enjoy a spicy dish to warm me up.

Wish I had a picture, but the mango ice cream here is to die for! Cooled my flaming tongue.

I had written about five hundred words on the train ride home. After dinner (and some gaming), I sat down and fired off about seven hundred more words. Not bad for the start of the second week of Camp NaNoWriMo!

Seeing as I’m at a major point in the story for my male MC, I’m eager to write it. I might squeeze in a few hundred words, but tomorrow will be a major writing session.

Lately I don’t even look at the screen anymore when I type. Sure it can be a bit messy, but I can still read it so editing won’t be painful.

Keep on writing my friends!