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Day Nineteen – Paradise City

Song of the Day: Paradise City, by Guns N’ Roses

Word Count: 41,904

Love to chat guys, but I got dinner to eat and a Game 4 to watch.


Day Eleven – Sleepy and Full of Duck Meat

Song of the Day: Cliffs Of Dover, by Erick Johnson

Word Count: 27,031

Hope everyone had a nice weekend!

I started the work week off with just under one thousand words to add and a big plate of crispy duck with thai basil.

Delicious and full of flavor. Problem is it’s about to put me to sleep. (The duck it is, not my story šŸ™‚ ).

I also have an idea for what to do for the rest of summer after Camp NaNoWriMo. More about it next month.

Night folks!

Day Nine – Halfway There!

Song Of The Day – Overkill, by Motorhead

Word Count: 25,031

Today I managed to squeeze in just under eight thousand words.

I got up this morning and decided I needed to go all out. Before that I took care of Ā cleaning my room up a bit. I also had to take care of laundry.

To help perk my brain up, I went out to the gym. A nice run on theĀ ellipticalĀ machine got my heart going.

After a filling lunch, I jumped right back on the computer and got off to a slow start. As time went on and I found more heart-pumping songs to listen to, I managed to hit four thousand by the early evening.

Took an hour break to clear my head and munch on some dark chocolate and hydrate myself. Fueled and ready to write, I added another three thousand words. It helps I’m at a key point in the story. But some scenes I had to write were…a bit awkward to say the least.

By dinner time I was at seven thousand words. I drove down to my favorite Thai face and watched Game 7 of the NBA East Finals. Nail-biter that game was.

By the time I came home, I realized I had less than an hour to write some hour and make this blog post. I managed to squeeze in just under a thousand words in about thirty minutes. With my word count at the half-way mark for Camp NaNoWriMo I decided to call it a night.

I know next weekeend will not be as productive, so I’m glad to have hit a good milestone.

Day Eight – The Writing Gods Blessed Me (I think)

Song Of The Day:Ā Above and Beyond, by Bassnectar & Seth Drake

Word Count: 17,078

So today I wasn’t planning on writing much. Maybe just six hundred words.

However, my plans fell through for the night. I was planning on heading down to see some friends and grab some drinks. So I quickly grabbed some dinner at my favorite thai place and enjoy a spicy dish to warm me up.

Wish I had a picture, but the mango ice cream here is to die for! Cooled my flaming tongue.

I had written about five hundred words on the train ride home. After dinner (and some gaming), I sat down and fired off about seven hundred more words. Not bad for the start of the second week of Camp NaNoWriMo!

Seeing as I’m at a major point in the story for my male MC, I’m eager to write it. I might squeeze in a few hundred words, but tomorrow will be a major writing session.

Lately I don’t even look at the screen anymore when I type. Sure it can be a bit messy, but I can still read it so editing won’t be painful.

Keep on writing my friends!